Quick Draw Holster

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Military issue quick draw leather holster for the 38 revolver. New military surplus leather shoulder holsters. Made to fit the .38 revolver.

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Military issue leather shoulder holster

Holster for military personnel . .38 revolver shoulder holster to fit under your left arm holster type so that you have a right hand draw. A  U. S. Army UH-1H/M “Huey ” Crewchief  would carry a  Hi-Standard Security Six in this  holster. Since these pistols are no longer made and are impossible to find you could buy a  S & W Model 10 4″ tapered barrel and be the envy of you retired military security personnel.

1 review for Quick Draw Holster


    Bought this today in the store. It’s half price right now. Got it for a H&R 732. PERFECT FIT for the revolver! Soak it in water once you like the strap adjustment and wear it till its dry. As always thanks guys!

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