Vietnam Jungle Hammock

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Made of strong codura nylon the vietnam jungle hammock came in several varieties

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These Vietnam issue nylon hammocks worked perfect for jungle environments in helping to keep the fighting men off of the ground. The damp environment did not lend itself well to sleeping on the ground in a feather sleeping bag. Most of the boys would use the poncho liner in combination with the jungle hammock to keep them high and dry. This particular style jungle hammock featured special elastic straps that were secured to the ropes that hold the hammock from a tree. These elastic strap work with a small toggle to fit into the grommets on the poncho(not included) The poncho could be positioned above the sleeping soldier to keep the rain off  and also to stretch over a mosquito net.



Vietnam Jungle Hammock

1 review for Vietnam Jungle Hammock

  1. Kerry B

    This hammock is the real thing, just as advertized. Not a copy. Had to replace the ropes,” too many knots.” It had two pin holes and that was it. Had the rubber rain stops, poncho clips, and setup diagram. Out of a scale of 10 , I.d score a 9.5. Very heavy duty .

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