Mountain Cook Set Pans, Dated


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All aluminum kit except for stainless steel lid which is used as skillet. This is larger than the standard U.S. G.I. mess kit and is better suited for cooking larger quantities of food. 2 large pots with top-swing handle measure 7 1/2″ dia. x 4″ tall. Everything fits together and cooking condiments, spices, utensils, etc. can be carried inside the kit. Along with the 1942 stove, and intended to act as a container for it when carried in the mountain rucksack, a mountain cookset was developed. The cookset was designed to serve the needs of two soldiers on an extended operation away from a company mess. The set consisted of two pots, the smaller nested into the larger, and a lid for the larger pot. The cover could also be used as a frying pan. new old stock with some minor dents or scratches. Various manufacturing dates.


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