Muslin Cravat Bandage Compressed, 3pack


Military individual first aid triangular bandage Some call this the “Drive-On” rag. Cravat. This is the compressed muslin bandage that comes in most military First-Aid Kits. New old stock.  SP200-05-F-FB15/6510-00-201-1755

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  • 100% muslin cotton
  • New compressed muslin cravat-style bandages (SET OF 3)
  • Used for slings, tourniquets, head and eye injuries, many other first aid emergencies
  • Small 4 x 3 x 1 inch compressed size is easy to pack
  • 37 x 37 x 52 inches unfolded triangle
  • High quality breathable cotton, official USGI issue, made in the USA


The original military do-rag. You see this bandage being worn in many of the vintage photos from Vietnam. While this is for first aid, most of the guys used them for sweat rags and bandannas. It comes with 2 safety pins and can be used as a bandage, sling, headband, face mask, or even a make shift towel. They are new in original packaging. You are buying 1 pack of 3 bandages


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