MOLLE 2 Holster Leg Extender


MOLLE II holster/leg extender. Designed to convert the M12 holster to a drop-leg platform, this MOLLE leg extender/adapter will also accommodate a variety of other pouches and accessories with either ALICE or MOLLE attachments. Provides yet more versatility to an already versatile and combat-proven holster system, as well as space for small sub-loads that might be necessary on your next mission, hike, or paintball/airsoft game. Manufactured by Michael-Bianco, a current military contractor for a variety of MOLLE gear, this adapter features two columns and four rows of Molle loops on the front, as well as two webbing straps for ALICE clips or the M12 holster fasteners, allowing a variety of equipment to be mounted at several “heights” according to individual preference.

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On the back are the snap tabs and MOLLE loops for attaching this adapter to any type of MOLLE platform, be it a vest, chest rig, belt, or pack. Will even mount securely on most types of utility or pistol belts (as long as the tabs are tucked through the bottom loops before snapping. Also featured is a hook and loop tie-down for the holster which will keep a holster from flapping while on-the-move. Finally, the bottom holds a removable, adjustable leg strap with a fastex buckle to secure the extender to your leg and keep it from wobbling. Holster/leg extender is foliage green/gray or coyote tan. Foliage will match ACU pattern gear and uniforms and also work well with other drab colors. Coyote tan for desert digital and 3 color. Marked “US” on the front


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