Wool Blanket, Bulgarian Officers, H3

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Military wool blanket from Bulgaria. Has “H3” stamped on the blanket in several place. Beautiful, new Bulgarian Officer’s Blanket.


The Bulgarian Officers Wool Blanket is Brown and a 70% wool blend. This military surplus wool blanket weighs around 5 pounds, so it will keep you warm on a cold winters night. It has a vintage look that is not necessarily military. It will look as good as it feels in any room in the house or cabin. It  is light tan on one side and darker brown on the other. The logo H3 is feature on both sides in opposing colors.  They are in new condition and most still have the original label on them. The labels appear to indicate them as 70 percent wool, but we have had some Bulgarians contact us to inform that it actually reads 30% wool. Either way, the blanket is superior quality and will keep you warm and cozy while you sleep.  It is also a great for camping or outdoors.  It measures approximately 63″ x 82″.

2 reviews for Wool Blanket, Bulgarian Officers, H3

  1. WintersIce

    I bought this blanket for camping, but I winded up using it also for regular use because it’s so warm, and for a wool blanket is quite soft, and it came with the blue tag that’s displayed. The only thing that I would warn is the blanket was just folded and put into the box, it was fine, so if it rains it might get wet, other then that, 5 stars.

  2. Izzy

    I own several mil-surp wool blankets from various countries, and this is top one or two.Washed it twice on warm, tumble dry on medium heat, and there was no shrinkage (I wash wool blankets–armies don’t have dry cleaners in the field.) Washing got out some of the mothball smell. I’ll be able to air it out more tomorrow.

    It’s thick, dense, and soft.

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