Mk15 Mod 4 Practice Bomb

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Our Father bought these mk15 mod 4 100lb. practice bombs way back in 1982.

The blue metal bombs were new in the original packing crates of 20 each and probably one of the best finds “the Old Man” ever bought.  Our dad recognized that these were not something you could just call up and get anytime you wanted them, so he bought them all. Today we still have quite a few remaining, and it is one of our most popular items for sale on the website.

The bombs are completely inert, as they were only used for training purposes. Pilots will drop this type of training device to practice getting the bombs to their desired target. The hollow, steel structures were filled with water and sand to a weight of 100 pounds. Note: they only weigh about 20 pounds empty so don’t worry about the UPS driver throwing out his back getting them to your door:-)

We ship them in custom heavy duty stapled cardboard boxes made right down the street at Ward Packaging company. The box and packaging material alone cost us about $18.00, but it is well worth it to protect the fins and insure their safe arrival to you.

We have sold these eye popping attention getters  for just about anything you can imagine: movie props, man-cave decor, signs, donation and ticket-taking vessels, bar lights, door stops, trench art, etc.

Several of our cutomers have devised a way to cut them in half length wise and make pool table light fixtures.

If you have bought one of these from us, leave a comment and let us know how you used them!