Meals Ready to Eat! The MRE

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Rations have been a necessity for US Forces since the Revolutionary War. Fighting in wars prevents you from entering into a Burger King to grab a burger- and men need to eat.


I’ve never had a MRE to eat before yet alone see someone prepare one. But all in all, its a simple task- and worth the 15 min of prep time. It’s no wonder why the MRE is still a top ask for item in the military surplus world. They’re useful, easy, and actually really good.

On todays menu, I chose the “Rib Shaped Barbecue Flavor Pork Patty”


military surplus mre meals ready to eat

The MRE meal came with the main entree the Rib Shaped Pork Patty and a side dish of Sante Fe style rice with beans. Some crackers with cheese spread, condiments with instant coffee and creamer with spoon, and a Orange Flavor drink mix that reminded me of TANG. Very good. Oh, and a oatmeal cookie that didn’t last very long.

military surplus mre meals ready to eat

MRE meals ready to eat at military surplus stores


The cook time with the heating bag is roughly 15 min. On the packaging, it clearly warns you to NOT OVERFILL with water. Let me tell you, they are not kidding! I went over just a tad- and the experiment of trying out this MRE could have ended before it began. Luckily, I was able to pour some of the water out before the chemical reaction began.

MRE meals ready to eat at military surplus stores

As I stated before, the orange flavor drink mix was fantastic. Noted that, you can’t really mess up a flavor drink mix- but orange was the best way to go. Half canteen cup of water dumped into the pouch, closed- shake for 30 seconds, and voila! A refreshing drink. If only they gave you two of those pouches, I wanted more!

The crackers and cheese are generic, but a good snack while you are waiting for your entree and side to heat up.

MRE meals ready to eat at military surplus stores

And here it is! The Rib Shaped Barbecue Flavor Pork Patty with Sante Fe style rice with beans. MmmMmm. The heat time was on point, 15 minute and my meal was ready. I chose to use the stainless steel mess kit to eat with, but most days people just eat straight from the bags. The choice is yours.

MRE meals ready to eat at military surplus storesOverall I rate this meal a 8/10. Good flavor and easy prep.

This meal is available at Omahas Surplus, Fort Worth Texas 76107