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Meals Ready to Eat! The MRE

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Rations have been a necessity for US Forces since the Revolutionary War. Fighting in wars prevents you from entering into a Burger King to grab a burger- and men need to eat.   I’ve never had a MRE to eat before yet alone see someone prepare one. But all in all, its a simple task- and worth the 15 min of prep time. It’s no wonder why the MRE is still a top ask for item in the military surplus world. They’re useful, easy, and actually really good. On todays menu, I chose the “Rib Shaped Barbecue Flavor Pork Patty”   The MRE meal came with the main entree the Rib Shaped Pork Patty and a side dish of Sante Fe style rice with beans. Some crackers with cheese spread, condiments with instant coffee and creamer with spoon, and a Orange Flavor drink mix that reminded me of TANG. Very…

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