Ammo Boxes

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ammo box

An army surplus store staple, the revered ammo can is one of those genuine military issue items that can be indispensible in helping to store valuables as well as ammunition. Omahas Surplus stocks these in the thousands at all times due to such a high demand. While many ammo boxes from the military are made from wood, the most commonly reused for ammo are the metal variety. 

The metal cans have rubber gaskets on the lids, and clamp-down super tight through the use of a camover latch that heps seal the gasket to the rim of the opening. Also on most tyoes of ammo cans the lid can be removed by sliding it apart at the hinges. This removal comes in handy if you dont want the lid in the way. 

 They are good for all kinds of ammunition storage as well as just handy to have around the garage to help organize and store safely tools,car parts,chemicals,bolts and nuts,batteries,gun parts, and the list goes on. 

it is interesting that the military, for the most part, uses the cans for storage and transport. The makers of the ammunitions use them to ship and once they are opened and emptied, they are sent off for salvage to be bought and recylced by a variety of end users and resellers. 

The cans come in many different sizes, but the most common and popular  types seen in army navy surplus stores are the 50 caliber can, which actually is used for many different types of ordnance besides the 50 caliber machine gun rounds.