Vietnam Dated Canteen Cup


All original and all Vietnam dated canteen cups. The metal or plastic 1 quart canteens nestle into the cup for transport. The cup holds about 2 cups. This design has been used by the us military since World War 1. One of the most asked for items by campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Genuine US military issue metal canteen cup with single swing handle. These are an army navy classic. The uses of military canteen cups goes well beyond a utensil to cook and drink water from. can you say improvised digging tools or parts containers. We use these here at omahas surplus for show case display of loose and smaller items. These cups are made from stainless steel, so they are easy to clean,rust-proof, durable and long lasting.
The handle folds out so that the cup can be set next to a fire for boiling and warming liquids without fear of the the cup falling over.


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