U.S. Issue Lensatic Compass w/case-New


Military lensatic marching compass.Purchase what every soldier trusts to guide them over hill and dale. Comes complete with carry case. Measured in Mils and Degrees. Choose from the phosphorous coated or the tritium coated dial. Manufactured by Cammenga. Phosphorous: Requires a quick charge from flashlight at night to generate the glow.  Tritium: Constant glow – No external light source charge required.

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The military issue lensatic compass is used by our troops to help them navigate in the field. Although GPS has come into play as of recent, this type of magnetic compass is still the main stay. Satellite failure or grid blowout would make GPS non functional and then what do you do. You pull out your phosphorus or tritium GI military marching compass to save the day . They are measured in mils and degrees and feature a site to help you shoot a coordinate.


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