P-38 Can Opener, 4 Pk

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Military issue p-38 can opener for c-rations. These can openers are manufactured by Shelby. Current production. These are steel and made very close to actual GI Spec. These were at one time issued 4 to a case of military c-rations. They come bulk. not in individual packages. Some call them the “John Wayne”.

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1 review for P-38 Can Opener, 4 Pk

  1. Thor69

    I’ve had this one on my keychain for 44 years. I ‘ve used it numerous times with @ least half as a screwdriver.Not much to hold onto,but if a screw is loose, you
    can tighten it reasonably tight.AND it has NEVER even started to bend or twist.As far as opening cans,if you’re ex ‘Nam era then it’s no biggy.Get a rythm.A++

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