LC-2 Pistol Belt Nylon Metal, Lg


Military pistol belt. Genuine 1988 US military issue LC-2 utility belt. Features the Vietnam style metal buckles. **NOTE** The Vietnam style metal buckles on these belts are showing patina/oxidation from age and storage. See photos.


Perfect for the reenactor and a great size too. Large fits 34″ to 50″. New Mint condition. O.D. All original issue. The individual equipment belt is made of army shade no 7 olive nylon webbing with black metal buckles,keepers, and adjusting clamps. It is adjusted from each end by means of the clamps that swing open to allow the belt to slide through. the older belts from ww1-korea had hooks that clipped into holes in the middle of the belt. The equipment items are attached to the belt by either hooks through the holes or ALICE fasteners that slide all the way around the belt so that you can put items on without taking the belt off. The eyelets along the top of the belt allow for a soldier to clip in the suspenders to hold up the heavy belt that is loaded with ammo and canteens and first aid and other sustainment items or a butt pack. This is original issue NOS military surplus item and we will not have them forever.


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