H-type Combat Suspenders


Current production, made in the same shape as the old Vietnam cotton m-56 H-suspenders. Made to wear with the pistol belt, this is an essential part of the combat fighting load.These are made of Heavy-duty nylon and built to last. Will fit tall sizes. Available in military O.D. ,commando Black, or Desert Tan.

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As far as the quality , they are current production from a US military Manufacturer here in the States( best quality we have found)
The US military has not issued a nylon “H” suspender since 1967. The military only issued “Y” suspenders up through the 1990’s until they switched to the load bearing vests and then eventually to the current “MOLLE” gear.
Many of the military always preferred the older “H” type suspender and that is why Powell and other US manufactures like them produced an after market “H” suspender . They usually do not stamp anything that is not actually sent to the government, but rest assured these are great quality, and most of our customers love the extra padding in these.


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