Bakelite Mug Used


Made of brown Bakelite heavy plastic-type material. These cups were not originally issued to the field troops. However, this mug saw most of its action during the mid 1960’s-70’s in temporary base camps, officer’s quarters, M*A*S*H units, and mess halls abound. Great for hot or cold beverages. All have the well-known U.S. stamp on the bottom. Used with left-over duct tape residue from when the goverment taped them up in ten packs. Easily removed with a little petroleum solvent ( WD-40, silicone spray, etc). Price is per each mug.

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Bakelite Mug, used Military coffee cup.

perfect for the mess hall, great for camping, and just fine in the kitchen. This government issue coffee cup has a unique and vintage look and feel. New old stock. the shading and colors will vary, but the quality is unmistakable.


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