Alice Pack Large With Frame, Used


Original issue Large Alice pack with frame, hip pad, and pack straps. The actual nylon bag part of the pack is original U.S. military issue, fair used to used better condition (see descriptions below). It is the large ruck with 6 outer pockets (3 small , and 3-large). All parts and pieces of the pack are intact and functioning properly. Packs have had repairs where necessary. Frame is original issue and can vary from LC-2 to LC-2 enhanced/LC-3 buckle. Pack staps will vary from olive drab to woodland, but all is original issue gear.

Condition *


Large Alice pack with frame. Used fair condition will have many repairs, small holes, discoloration, writings/stencil marks. Frames will have scratches, discoloration, and some bents. But overall serviceable condition.

Large Alice pack- used Better condition will have fewer repairs if any, good coloring. Frames will be serviceable but with scratches and some discoloration.


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