Advisor Boonie Hat Tigerstripe size 7 1/2


The Vietnam advisor boonie hat is more like a bucket hat since it has a shorter brim than a traditional boonie hat does

The boonie hat was introduced to the fighting forces during the Vietnam War when the US Army Special Forces “green berets” began wearing them in the field along with the Australian and Republic of Vietnam units. These leopard spot or tigerstripe boonie hats were locally from salvaged camo cloth found in the field. sometimes they were made from parachute material as well. The name Boonie is a derivative of Boondocks. by 1967 the US Army began issuing boonie hats as” Hat,Jungle,with Insect Net” made of cotton and wind-resistant poplin, in olive drab,tigerstripe, and ERDL pattern.
These are current production by R and B distributing. The tiger cloth is original from special forces government contract.

In 1967, the U.S. Army began issuing boonie hats, as the “Hat, Jungle, with Insect Net”, made of cotton and wind-resistant poplin, in olive drab, tigerstripe, and ERDL pattern.[6] It was meant to supplement and replace the patrol and baseball caps that had been in service since World War II. As the U.S. military evolved away from a garrison mentality, the boonie hat found a permanent place as part of the uniform of all services. The boonie hat has changed little through the decades since the Vietnam War and was used in the Iraq War and still in the War in Afghanistan as an alternative to the patrol cap.
They have been mislabeled 50/50, but material is 100% cotton. Also these seem to run big, but shrink after you wash them. Color holds very well. Good quality.

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Advisor style tiger boonie hat. Made just like the ones form Vietnam, by R and B Distributors in the U.S.A.. Current reproduction manufactured with government special forces contract 100% cotton twill tigerstripe cloth. Cotton material and shortened brim (1 3/4″) just like the Duke wore in “The Green Berets.” They run big, but will shrink down to size with wash. SIZE 7 1/2 ONLY


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