.45 Caliber Holster Issue, M1916

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M 1916 holster for the M1911 Genuine issue  Model 1945 auto pistol. Hip holster, all-leather right hand, 1980’s dated government surplus. All original military issue. New old stock with some minor shelf wear. NOTE: BE GENTLE WHEN OPENING FLAP, THESE HAVE NEVER BEEN USED SO THE LEATHER IS STIFF. TOO MUCH FORCE WILL TEAR OFF THE STUD. FOR THE FIRST FEW TIMES, OPEN GENTLY FOR THE LEATHER TO LOOSEN. 1911

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45 caliber holster

Military issue holster for the M1911 45 caliber leather pistol holster with flap to wear on the hip. Has a slot in the back to pass a leather belt through and also WW2 type metal fastener to secure to holes in the canvas or nylon pistol belt. M1916

1 review for .45 Caliber Holster Issue, M1916

  1. Jon

    Mine arrived on a Monday (ordered Friday). Both basically looked the same as the photos (6/89 manufacture date). Since they are unused the leather is stiff, but not brittle by any means.

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