30rd M-16 Mag Pouch/nylon Coyote Desert


The nylon 3 cell m16 30 round magazine pouch are made from US made reproduction of codura nylon. Khaki/Desert/Coyote style.

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M16 military 30 round magazine pouch. Comes with issue Army surplus alice clips for attachment to gear. Hold 3 30rd mag clips.

This m-16 mag pouch also features the grenade carriers located on each side of the pouch, just in case you have some grenades that you want to carry.

These are from a batch of special issue, sterile, military equipment that our government will contract  for different mission types than standard milspec.

From storage, plastic buckles will show scratches/scrapes. Some rubbings on nylon can be seen as well from being stacked upon each other.


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