WW2 Leggings, Size 3


World War 2 military issue boot leggings. These were worn by US forces in WW2. The spats were worn over the low top boot to help protect from dirt, mud, bugs and crud. No world war two uniform is complete without a pair of these. Leggings are “New Old Stock” and in fair condition, with rust and staining. All WW2 dated with various manufacturers. All khaki with original laces included. Most dated in 40’s. All size 3 (about 16″ calf circumference) New WWII Surplus. .

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If the leggings are worn with the buckles to the out side of the foot, the flap with the eyelet holes overlap the flap with the hooks, thus the overlap points toward the back of the leg. The leggings are shaped also with the curve for the back of the calf and a more pronounced flair over the top of the foot in the front. The best way to visualize a left and right pair is that when they are laid flat next to each other, buckles up, they should in fact be a mirror image.


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