Vietnam Jungle Boots, 3rd Pattern with Vibram Sole 11N


New old stock from their original cases!

11 NARROWS. Spike protective sole, od cotton canvas uppers, and leather bottoms. Vibram sole is the early issue of these boots as a predecessor to the mud-releasing Panama sole developed later in the Vietnam war. Get some now while we still have them!


Vietnam Jungle Boots, 3rd Pattern with Vibram Sole

Original Issue Vietnam G.I. Jungle boots. These are the real deal. Developed and battle tested in Vietnam. The military issued the green canvas jungle boot through the late 1980’s. The military no longer contracts this canvas boot that all our troops fell in love with. We have for over 50 years managed to accumulate a good stock of this classic boot. Do not be confused – these are NOT imported copies. The original early-issue “vibram” sole”. *From age, these will show some residue on the soles from the protective agent that were on the boots to preserve them.

Note: These are labeled as 11 NARROWS, the widest part of the boot measures 4 1/2″ on the sole, 3 1/2 inches insole


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