Spike Bayonet

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Military issue spike bayonet Old issue bayonet. Used original surplus. Comes with metal scabbard.

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2 reviews for Spike Bayonet

  1. Harq

    Rather than just a generic “spike bayonet”, this only fits the above mentioned Lee-Enfield rifle of WWII fame. Once plentiful (and rightly so since they were made in large numbers) they are now getting scarce. Bayonet engages the lugs machined into the last 2 inches or so of the barrel and releases with a thumb operated spring catch.

  2. ag42b

    These “pigsticker” bayonets are designed for the #4 Lee Enfield series of rifles, which were used during WW2 and afterward. They were designed and made during, and post WW2. They will NOT fit the #1 Mark 3 Lee Enfield from WW1, or the #5 “Jungle Carbine, as those take different bayonets. These are best carried in a scabbard, attached to the wearer’s belt with a frog. Bayonet, scabbard and frog combinations are available on the internet, sometimes from Commonwealth nations such as Canada and Australia.

    The @1 Mark 3 Enfield takes a rather long bladed specialty bayonet, and the Jungle carbine takes a specialty bayonet, which is rare, but reproductions are available,

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