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These were made to be part of some other lenses so you cannot see clearly through it without the rest of the setup

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Military surplus optics/lens/scope

Some scrapes and scratches, used, some slight scrapes on lens. Approx. 16 ” tall by 4 ” diameter. Weighs about 15 lbs. Made by Bausch and Lomb.

Scope is part of a plotter used to make maps from aerial photographs.

*See diagram

1 review for Optics Lens

  1. ~Munchkin

    Ordered this for the lenses, plus I like tearing things apart! This B&L optical assembly appears, on initial inspection, to be a spot- or flood-light fixture! The back-end has a wiring port, a circular opening in the side leading to a reflector with a hole in the middle and what looks like a socket(?) behind it. There’s also a mechanical fixture that might’ve been used for mounting adjustments. There are various small openings into the assembly (unusual for an eye-scope) and the lenses appear to be encased in a plastic “cartridge” or “capsule”. I’m looking forward to taking it apart! Much Fun awaits!

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