Military Pup Tent Poles 6pc Set-used condition


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Pup tent poles for the military issue shelter half.
Each pole is 16″ long and 3/4″ in diameter. 3 poles fit together for each end of the shelter half. 6 poles total in this package. The poles are made of wood with aluminum fittings. Most of these are Vietnam 1960’s dates. Includes 2- 3pc. sets. Enough for 1 complete pup tent. These poles can also be fitted together in longer combinations to form a variety of different lean-to application.

Used poles put together into 6pc sets. You will receive 6 poles in total.

These poles are a mixture of new old stock and used condition poles with LOTS of shelfwear. Serviceable- but will show signs of dirt, rust, patina, scratches and scrapes.


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