Military Paracord 550 cord


7 Strand G.I. PARACORD (550 Cord). One of the top selling items in our store. Taken directly from military parachutes, hence the name “para-cord”, this stuff is rot resistant and has a test weight of 550 lbs. Within the cord are seven inner strands, each with a 35 lb test. The inner strands can be separated for emergency sewing, repair, braiding, tieing, etc. No campsite or gear bag is complete without it. Available in 40 ft hanks.

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Military paracord (parachute cord)

Our military issue paracord comes right off of the original issue parachutes, so you know its the real thing. Type III commerical is the standard military issue and the strongest nylon para-cord you can get. The sheath provides most of the strength at 305 pound tensile strength , while the seven inner strands contribute 35lbs. tensile strength each. While this cord is practical for many uses, it also has become great material for those that want  to weave bracelets and slings that provide great strength and also serve to hold extra rope for any emergency you may incur that would  necessitate some good utility line.


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