Headset/microphone Kit, Vietnam

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Headset Microphone Kit MK-401.

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Replacement microphone and headset for the Vietnam tankers helmet. New, old stock with original box. 1967 dated replacement kit includes: Headset, Switch, Retractable Cord, Mic & Boom and assembly hardware. Will not fit the 1966 Sierra model tankers helmet.

1 review for Headset/microphone Kit, Vietnam

  1. DukeNougat3d

    I half knew what I was getting into when they said it would not fit 1966 Sierra Shells, but I only needed the ear cushins so I deciided to chance it. Don’t make the same mistake I did. $63 for parts I will probably never use and will probably not be able to return. If you do have whatever helmet shell this parts set fits, be warned that the wiring on the earphoone speakers is very dry and is cracking. Not sure if it is on all example, but it is on mine. Lesson learned for next time.

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