Forced Entry Side-Zip Deployment Boots Desert

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Tactical combat boot. Lightweight and durable-features side-zip for quick deployment. New and in most sizes.

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Material: Leather,Nylon
Color: Desert Tan
Brand: Rothco 5357
Components: Side Zipper, Steel Shank, Rustproof Eyelets
Material Specs: Rubber Outsole, EVA Midsole
Weather: All Weather
Closures / Fasteners: Laces, Zipper
Made in China

1 review for Forced Entry Side-Zip Deployment Boots Desert

  1. Christopher Alexander

    I have 2 pairs of these boots, 1 for working in & 1 for wearing out with family. They weigh less than my tennis shoes, comfortable as heck, tough, looks nice & the side zipper makes getting them on/off quick & easy! Bought 2 of my boys a pair cause they kept ‘borrowing’ mine! Great Boots, Great Price! Thanks Charlie/O’mahas!

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