British Military Canvas Leggings


Military issue leggings Original British. Korea/Vietnam era production. Heavy green canvas with leather linings. Many different colors and shades of khaki and od green. Condition will vary. 9″ tall x 14″ circumference. Great for stage and screen or reenacting.

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The canvas legging was used by militaries all over the world to help the shoe become a boot. the spats add a layer of protection between the trousers and the shoe. Canvas leggings helped keep the dirt,sand, and mud out as well as offering ankle support. Before troops were issued high top boots as a regular uniform, the canvas legging acted as a modification to equip the fighting men with boot like footwear. The leggings fell out of use, except by some Marines by the time of the Korean War, and by the 1960’s ,high-top boots were standard issue to all infantry. Today spats and leggings are used ceremonially in parades and drill to add that extra layer of polish to a special uniform look.

These used british military leggings come in variety of colors and styles. we cannot pick them and the sizes will vary. If you have a special request, please let us know in the comments section during the checkout process. or email us.


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