Army Helmet, M-1 Vietnam

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Vietnam M-1 Helmet Used, complete, in good condition.

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We have amassed a vast assortment of  Vietnam issue M-1 military helmets. Our soldiers and marines wore this helmet in vietnam and they called it the steel pot. The helmet covers have been repaired, and do show plenty of wear. All parts and pieces on this helmet  are original U.S. surplus from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. These m-1 helmets are perfect for reenacting,stage, and/or screen wear. . All covers are Original Vietnam reversible leaf pattern erdl , and  all are “salty” but serviceable.

4 reviews for Army Helmet, M-1 Vietnam

  1. steven

    this is an awesome helmet very cool great price

  2. VETUSMC68

    Identical to the pot I covered my brain housing group with in 1968 RVN…

    Semper Fidelis…..

  3. vetusmc68

    Identical to my helmet except it lacks the dent in the side where a 7.62×39 round glanced off it and gave me a headache for a week.

    Semper Fidelis..A/1/26th

  4. Gabe

    Couldn’t be happier. Inside is clean, everything is perfectly intact with no issues (some M1 helmets have wobbly liners but this is nice and secure). 10/10 Can’t wait to buy my next helmet from Omaha’s.

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