50 Cal Ammo Cans on Pallet


50 caliber ammo boxes by the pallet, 168 ammo cans per pallet sale! Available by in store pick up or LTL Motor Freight shipping. Details below.

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50 caliber ammo boxes by the pallet 168 per pallet. These are number one and number two grade mixed. Sometimes there’s a little bit of dirt inside, definitely surface rust on all of them, and you lose five or so that may have a broken handle somewhere or dents. We do not check all of these—about 95% of them seem to be just fine. Need a little bit of elbow grease with WD-40 and they look like the ones that we have on display. You can buy these for $10 each by the pallet. Weight of the pallet is approximately 850 pounds and the size is 48 x 40 x 50 tall. Will have to go LTL freight shipping on these and we can provide a quote upon your request.


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