30rd M-16 Mag Pouch Nylon Used- Fair


Carry your spare M-16 or AR-15 ammo in these used, GI issue M16 ammo pouches. Three 30 round magazines fit inside these olive green nylon pouches. Two ALICE clips on the back allows for attachment to most belts, webbing, or ALICE style packs or gear. Will also fit similar-sized 30 rd magazines in .223 / 5.56 NATO, such as the Mini-14.


Two outer pockets made to fit hand grenades will also fit handheld radios, a folded pair of work gloves, and an assortment of other items. In “field tested” condition, with ample signs of use, but certainly serviceable for many years to come. Expect scratches on plastic buckles, scrapes, frays, and minor tears on the nylon, some rust and scratches on metal parts, and dirt/stains from storage and use.


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