Vietnam Jungle Boots 3rd Pattern with Panama Sole 10R

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Vietnam jungle boots were made through the 1960’s well into the 1980’s for tropical or hot temperatures. These combat boots feature the OD canvas cotton uppers and leather bottoms. Drain holes were put in the in-step to let water run through the boot so the soldiers feet would be protected from mildew and trench foot. Also spike protective plate in the sole to keep out the dangerous poisonous spikes in booby traps in the Vietnam jungle.

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Vietnam Jungle Boots 3rd Pattern with Panama Sole 10 Regular


These Vietnam issue jungle boots are genuine military issue.  The military developed and battle tested these boots in Vietnam. The boots performed so well that  the same green canvas jungle boot were a part of regular issue up into the late 1980’s.  These are NOT the imported copies. These boots feature the panama sole. They also have the drain holes, in order for water to flow out of the boots. Remember that these jungle boots are new old stock with only minor shelf-wear rubs and abrasions. Buy with confidence. These are the real deal!

3 reviews for Vietnam Jungle Boots 3rd Pattern with Panama Sole 10R

  1. big papa

    maybe bring the price down a little bit
    because their not new but still I loved them because
    it is so humid here and they last crazy long.

    (P.S. I have the desert boots too they’re great too)

  2. Charlesworth

    The boots were in good condition and exactly what I’ve been looking for! It gets a little pricey when shipping gets factored in but it’s still a better price than most other places.

  3. meyer

    not a review. a question with comments. are they real leather? bought a pair several years ago and they turned out yobe total junk. they were made out of leather residue over naugahide [?] very disappointing.

    [email protected]

    thanks for your time.

    They are the real deal !

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