Blinking Light Marker

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Blinks in only a 90 degree visibility range for decreased enemy detection. New, unissued.

Requires 1 “D” size battery.


Military marker light that blinks in high-vis red. Does not come with an on/off switch. These are used as temporary markers for trails, minefields and the like. Simply drop in the battery, twist the cap shut, stick in the ground and move on. The light will pulse a red light once per second, a very low level strobe.

1 review for Blinking Light Marker

  1. ~Munchkin

    A very cool little light! Mine has a neon bulb, not an LED, but neons are so miserly with power it should stay lit for weeks if not months, and I have never seen (in 40+ years) a neon bulb (not tube) burn out or go bad. The body of the lamp is wrapped in white reflective tape. I have no real use for it, other than as a whatta-cool-device! It will be interesting to see how long the battery will last, 24/7.

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