Bivy Cover For Military Sleep System


Military issue bivy goretex outer shell for military 3 piece modular sleeping bag system. This mummy bag cover comes in woodland camo. Breathable and waterproof. Many in the service use just this shell for a lightweight waterproof gortex sleep system or to just beef-up an existing sleeping bag or poncho liner. These are military surplus, used and in good condition. We check them for holes and or defects before shipping. This is the BIVY COVER ONLY, no sleeping bag.

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The military GORE-TEX® woodland camo bivy cover is the outer layer of the 3 piece sleep system. The woodland camouflage outer is lined with genuine goretex for waterproofing. This outer shell is a great way to add an extra layer of protection for any type of mummy sleeping bag that you may currently own. It is generous in size at 30″ x 80″ and only weighs in at 2 lbs. 3 oz. so it wont weigh-down a good lofting feather bag. it can repel frost and rain and dew. it makes a good moisture barrier for the ground as well. The bivy cover zips along the full length of the bag with a quality zipper. A windproof zipper cover can be snapped along the sipper route as well to really seal in the heat. These snaps come in handy in case the zipper ever fails.


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