45 Caliber Mag Pouch, Smudged


Olive Drab cotton canvas magazine pouch with ALICE clips. Holds 2 .45 caliber magazines. New old stock with shelf-wear and green patina from the corroding brass. These pouches are smudged, stained, with some to no visible markings.

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This type of magazine pouch has been in use by the us military since World War 1. The first issue from 1918 were made from khaki cotton and featured 2 lift-a-dot snaps instead of one. Later in WW2 the single snap was introduced for speed, but the material was still light tan khaki. The ones offered for sale here are the later issue from vietnam and through the late 1980’s. Dark od green with black lift-a-dot fastener keeps the clips secure until they are needed. Usually one 2-pocket pouch was worn on the left front side of the pistol belt. The side-arm holster being reserved for the right side. This is one of Omahas most popular sellers.


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