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Italian Pocket Knife W/ Marlin Spike

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This handy and robust Italian Navy pocket knife is a great little workhorse on the job, around the house, or on adventures. Bearing close resemblance to the British Army pocket knives used from WWII through the 1950's and 60's, it retains the basic British design with the straight-edged sheep's foot blade, can opener, marlin spike, and lanyard loop. The handle is made of plastic and has a finer diamond grip surface than its British counterparts, which we've found is actually better for keeping a grip and a tad more comfortable. The marlin spike, while having disappeared from today's typical multi-tool and Swiss army-style knives, certainly hasn't lost its usefulness. Intended to aid in untying and tying knots (ever have a rope knotted so tight you just had to cut it? well not anymore... it also works like a charm for puncturing holes, prying some objects, and anything else you might need a rounded point that won't cut everything it touches. The sheep's foot blade (so called because of its shape) sharpens to a razor edge and the lanyard loop allows for easy attachment to a carabiner or molle clip, so you won't lose your knife. The blade divider between the knife blade and can opener also doubles as a flathead screw driver, adding to the usefulness of this handy little tool.

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These knives are in used, surplus condition, so expect some rust, pitting, oxidation, scratches, cracks and dings. These knives are full of character, so do not expect a perfect knife. These are SOLID knives, though, and with a bit of patience and wd-40 we've found they clean up nicely and are as serviceable today as when they were issued.

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