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Pilots Bailout Sleeping Bag

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Pilots Bailout Sleeping Bag. Model number SRU-15. Nylon, down-filled sleeping bag. Machine pressed into small container (12” x 12” x 1”). Made to fit in pilot's emergency survival kit. Dated in the late 1960's.

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Although these are a wonderful collector's piece, we have sold many for emergency use in car, RV, or boat. Note: There will be holes in the bag because the manufacturer vacuum packs the bags in the fiberglass case screwing it together tight with a long bolt that is inserted through the center of the vacuum sealed bag. The small holes will be scattered randomly through the bag. While feathers do leak out a little, this was an emergency bag. If you are a downed pilot in enemy territory, the last thing you are worried about is a few small pinholes in your sleeping bag. These really fluff-out nicely after several hours and make a warm and toasty retreat. No sipper, just slide in from the top. There is a cinch string at the opening to seal yourself in.

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